Buick and Lexus top J.D. Power's Dealership Service Satisfaction Rankings

J.D. Power recently released their annual customer satisfaction index study for dealership service departments. They break dealerships into 2 major groups -- mass market and luxury brands. Here's the top 5 for each group -

Mass Market

  1. Buick (860)
  2. Mini (850)
  3. GMC (837)
  4. Chevrolet (829)
  5. Nissan (822)

Luxury Brands

  1. Lexus (874)
  2. Audi (869)
  3. Lincoln (868)
  4. Porsche (867)
  5. Cadillac (865)

Overall, scores were up from 2015. The scores are composed of 5 categories - service quality, service advisor, service initiation, service facility and vehicle pick-up. Scores improved in all 5 categories, but the biggest increase came from service quality scores.

One troubling trend, J.D. Power noticed that dealers had the biggest issues fixing customer radios. Only about 80% of customers with radio issues were able to have their issue resolved on the 1st visit to the dealership. Compare that to 94% of customers surveyed that say their service issue was fixed on the 1st visit to the dealership.