Volvo XC40 Coming This Year...

Released by Volvo as their "Concept 40.1," the XC40 is scheduled to be built in late 2017. The XC40 will be another choice in the compact crossover segment -- a segment that is booming. Spy shots of test vehicles in Europe are already starting to circulate on the Internet.

The XC40 will be built on Volvo's new "Compact Modular Architecture" (CMA). Specs have not been released yet, but here's what we do know -

  • Volvo promised the XC40 will have the "world's most advanced standard package of safety features."
  • The XC40 will have Volvo's new Sensus infotainment system.
  • Volvo's "Pilot Assist" (semi-autonomous driving) will also be offered.

Here are some pictures of the concept released by Volvo --