2017 Moab Jeep Concepts

Every Easter, Jeep shows off a set a concept Jeeps for the off-roading event in Moab, Utah. They usually are designed to show off what can be done with Jeep's accessories. Here are 3 Wrangler concepts - 

Jeep Switchback

Major Modifications: 

  • 4" Suspension Lift
  • 10th Anniversary Rubicon bumpers with an integrated which
  • Unique pass-through half doors
  • A concept hood
  • Roof rack

Jeep Quicksand (Hot Rod based on a 2 Door Wrangler)

Major Modifications:

  • Wider wheelbase and shorter body than production models
  • Mopar 392 cubic inch Hemi engine with a 6 speed manual transmission
  • Dual exhausted system with a "muffled" mode and "open headed" mode (activated by a switch on the dash named "Obnoxious Load")
  • Custom 18" wheels and 32" tires in the front and 37" in the back
  • A dragster inspired parachute box in the back that houses a tow strap instead of a parachute
  • Low back bucket seats
  • Forward flipping hood with injector stacks coming through the top

Jeep Safari

Major Modifications: 

  • Different grille (possibly the one that will be used on the 2018 Wrangler)
  • Custom 18" wheels with 35" tires
  • 2" Lift kit
  • Translucent roof with drone landing spot
  • Clear vinyl doors on aluminum frames