March 2017 Auto Sales Fall 1.7% vs. March 2016

US light vehicles sales fell 1.7% compared to last March. Nissan and GM posted gains over last year, while Ford, Honda, Toyota, FCA, Hyundai and Kia all posted losses. 

The seasonally adjusted, annualized sales rate (or SAAR) finished at 16.6 million cars. This is well below what was projected for the industry this year and the lowest number since February 2015. 

Some interesting trends - 

  • Overall Light-truck sales increased 5.4%
  • Overall Car sales fell 11%
  • Nissan had a 3.2% increase in volume, but incentives increased to $4,074 (18% higher than last Maarch) according to ALG
  • The biggest drop came from Hyundai-Kia - 11.2%. Hyundai dropped 10.4% and Kia fell 15.2%