Sonic Automotive Makes Changes To Its "No-Haggle" Strategy

In 2014, Sonic Automotive rolled out its "Sonic-One Experience" at five dealerships in Charlotte, NC. The goal was for a customer to complete the purchase of a new car in 45 minutes or less while dealing with only one salesperson.

Eventually, Sonic wanted to have the process replicated in all of Sonic's 112 dealerships across the country.

Now the auto group is switching to only offering their "Sonic-One Experience" at dealerships of certain manufacturers. From there, they will try to expand to different brands, instead of moving through the country region to region. Executive management has not determined on what manufacturer they will start with.

As dealers struggle with customer satisfaction, more and more groups are trying to move to a "no haggle" experience. But as most find out, most consumers want a great experience AND feel like they are getting a great deal. Most consumers surveyed about "no haggle" prices feel like they could get a better deal at another dealership that is willing to negotiate.

It will be interesting to see how Sonic's "No Haggle" experiment performs.