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Audi Announces New Naming System

Audi will begin to roll out a new naming system for their powertrains. The two digit system will represent the car's horsepower or kilowatts. For example, an Audi vehicle that has between 110 to 131 horsepower will be named 30. Engines with 230 to 252 horsepower will be named 45. The highest number available is 70, which is for engines that produce over 544hp. So if you were looking at a 252hp A4, it would be called an 'A4 45,' instead of 'A4 2.0T.'

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Audi Q8 Concept Review

Audi released their Q8 concept recently. Designed to be part SUV and part coupe, the Q8 would compete against BMW’s X6 and Mercedes-Benz’s GLE Coupe. In the release, Audi said that the Q8 concept is “the basis for a production model that Audi will launch on the market in 2018.”

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