Talk Is Cheap

It is easy to say that you save customers time, money and stress. But does it really work?

We felt it would be helpful to share an actual scenario. Of course, we won’t disclose the names of the customers, salespeople or dealerships, but the vehicle, prices and time frame are all accurate.

Spoiler alert -- we saved the customer $6,242 off the MSRP of a new 2017 Jeep Cherokee. They contacted us on a Tuesday afternoon, and on Saturday morning the salesperson delivered the Jeep to their house. They never even had to visit the dealership.

Getting Started

Jim and Pam gave us a call on a Tuesday to ask questions about our service and how everything would work. After discussing it overnight, they made a very wise decision -- to sign up with us!

Initial Consultation

At the time they requested on Wednesday afternoon, we called them to conduct our initial consultation. Jim and Pam had a pretty good idea of what they wanted, so our job was a little bit easier.

They wanted a new 2017 Jeep Cherokee Limited. We talked about the options they wanted and the colors they preferred. The were most interested in getting a 4x4, the V6 engine, leather seats and navigation. They preferred black or dark gray and black interior. They were passing one of their vehicles they have now down to their son, so they wouldn’t be trading in a vehicle. They had been planning on this for a few years, so they had been able to save up enough to pay for the vehicle without financing. They both work full time jobs, so they were very interested in having the dealership deliver the Jeep to their house.

All together, the consultation took about 10 minutes.

Working With Dealerships

That evening, we contacted the 5 closest Jeep dealerships to their house. Of the 5 dealerships, 2 were pretty quick to get back to us. 2 of the dealerships took a little “extra prodding,” but did get back to us. Believe it or not, it took 1 dealership 3 days to finally respond.

Quick tangent -- believe it or not, this is a pretty common. For whatever reason, we usually get 2-3 dealerships that are great in getting back to us. 2-3 dealerships we have to contact a few times before they contact us, and usually 1 dealership that never calls or emails or takes forever to finally respond. When we talk to customers who have done their own shopping before, they tell us they experience a similar breakdown. This still blows us away. But one less stressful thing our customers have to deal with.

Our first step, with any customer, is to make sure we get the right vehicle. Before we start asking for prices or start negotiating, we have the dealerships send us window stickers and pictures to vehicles that would work. This is one of the most critical steps in our process. We take extra time to review each window sticker to make sure it has each option and the preferred colors.

In this example, 1 dealership sent us a window sticker to a 4x2 Cherokee instead of a 4x4 Cherokee, and 1 dealership sent over a white Cherokee instead of black or dark gray. Again, this is very common. No matter how clear we are with the dealership, we always get back vehicles that either are the wrong color or don’t have the correct options.

By Thursday afternoon, we had received correct window stickers from 4 dealerships. The 5th dealership still hadn’t contacted, so we decided to move on without them.

While we’re working with the dealerships, we sent updates to the Jim and Pam about twice a day -- one around lunchtime and other around 5-6pm. Just a quick email to let them know how we’re doing.

Now, we began negotiating with the dealerships. The most difficult part of negotiating is to make sure the dealerships are using the correct incentives from the manufacturer. A lot of dealerships try to beef up the “savings” by including military rebates, conquest lease rebates, etc -- incentives that a small portion of customers actually qualify for.

Reviewing the Deal

Once we got a suitable deal from one of the dealerships, we emailed Jim and Pam our “Breakdown Sheet.” Attached is the actual one we emailed them (again we changed the names to protect the innocent).

After they had a chance to review the "Breakdown Sheet," we gave them a call to walk through all the details. The phone call lasted about 10 minutes. We were able to answer all of their questions -- mostly when could they get the Jeep, could it be delivered to their house and why are we are so amazing.


After Jim and Pam agreed to the deal, we contacted the dealership. We sent over the necessary documents that the dealership would need -- their driver’s licenses and their auto insurance information. Note, this is the first time that we gave any of the dealerships Jim and Pam’s information (name, address or phone number). We instructed the salesperson that the vehicle would have to be delivered to Jim & Pam’s house. The salesperson called Pam directly to setup a day and time that would work.

Saturday morning, Jim and Pam woke up and enjoyed breakfast in their house (we assume they did), and at 10am the salesperson arrived to deliver their new Jeep Cherokee. While they were taking delivery, we remained “on call” in case they had any questions. After reviewing the Jeep and signing the paperwork at their kitchen table, Jim and Pam were proud new owners of a Jeep Cherokee!


In the end, Jim and Pam purchased the vehicle for $6,242 off of MSRP and $1,224 under factory invoice. They contacted us on Tuesday afternoon to ask questions about our service, and their vehicle was delivered to their house on Saturday morning. They spent about a total of 30 minutes on the phone with us. We exchanged a few texts and emails during the week. They also spent 0 minutes at dealerships.

Jim and Pam could not have been happier. That’s what we’re about -- serving people and providing the best car buying experience ever.

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