Q. What is Calloway Auto Buying?

Calloway Auto Buying is the best car buying service available. We help customers purchase their new or certified pre-owned vehicles by contacting and negotiating with dealerships on their behalf. The only thing our customers have to do is sign the paperwork and drive away in their car!

Q. What is a car buying service / car buying concierge?

Car buying services or car buying concierges work on the behalf of customers to get the best deal on the vehicle the customer wants.

Q. Are you an auto broker?

No, we're not an auto broker. On the surface, car buying services and auto brokers seem pretty similar. Both help customers purchase new cars without having to visit and negotiate with each dealership.

There is one very important difference between Calloway Auto Buying and an auto broker -- who pays the bill. It may seem better that auto brokers are paid by the dealers instead of you, but its a big problem. Typically, auto brokers will get "your best deal" from the dealership that pays them the most, not necessarily the lowest price. Its really a conflict of interest -- saying that you are getting the customer the best deal, but getting paid by the dealership.

At Calloway Auto Buying, we don't take any money from dealerships. That way, you can be confident that you got the very best deal possible.

Q. Are you a car dealer?

No, we're not a car dealer. We work with the car dealers in your area to find the vehicle you want at the best possible price.

Q. How do you get such great deals?

It comes from years of experience of working in car dealerships. We know what most sales manager and sales people want to hear and what they don't want to hear. We understand where they are coming from because we have been in their shoes. We have found that there are right ways and wrong ways of trying to get the best deals from dealerships.

Q. Do you use mind control?

No. If we did, you would have already signed up.

Q. Do you negotiate trade-in values?

Yes. During our initial consultation, we will ask you questions about the vehicle you plan to trade-in. We're able to get fairly exact trade-in values from dealerships without you having to drive dealership to dealership.

We understand the different ways dealerships evaluate trade-ins, and we use that knowledge to get the most for your trade-in as possible.

Q. Do you negotiate finance interest rates?

Yes. More and more dealerships are relying on profit from finance interest rates.

Q. Do you negotiate leases?

Yes. Leases can be pretty complicated to negotiate if you don't know how they're setup. Lots of variables determine your lease payment -- cap costs, money factors and residual values.

Q. Why is Calloway Auto Buying better than TrueCar, USAA, AAA or Costco?

Calloway Auto Buying is better for you than TrueCar, USAA, AAA or Costco for a couple of reasons.

First, these car buying services are paid for by the dealers. Similar to auto brokers, this creates a massive conflict of interest.

Second, they don't really help you that much. They only provide you with an "estimated savings" on the vehicle you selected. They don't help you find the right vehicle, they don't help with your trade-in value, and they don't help negotiate finance interest rates or lease payments. On top of that, they "sell" your information to 3 or more dealers, so be prepared for the phone calls and emails.

Q. What types of cars can Calloway Auto Buying help customers purchase?

Calloway Auto Buying can help customers purchase any new vehicle or certified pre-owned vehicle.

For us, helping a customer purchase a new Mercedes-Benz is the same as helping a customer purchase a new Honda. No matter the type of vehicle (sedan, SUV, crossover, truck or minivan) or manufacturer (for example -- BMW, Jeep, Toyota, etc.), our process works.

We also help customers purchase pre-owned vehicles. We have chosen to only work with manufacturer certified pre-owned vehicles for one reason -- quality. It is hard for us to recommend buying a pre-owned vehicle without knowing the quality of the vehicle. By focusing on manufacturer certified pre-owned vehicles, we can feel confident in recommending a vehicle to you.

Q. Do you only work in certain states?

No. We help customers from every state. We have found that there are subtle differences from state to state, but overall car buying is the same everywhere. Dealerships pay the same for vehicles in California as they do in New York. Dealing with car dealers in Texas is the same as dealing with car dealers in Florida.

Q. What if I don't like the deal you negotiate for me?

If for some reason you're not happy with the deal we negotiate for you, we won't send you an invoice for your balance due.

Q. What do you say to people who are on the fence about signing up?

We are the easiest way to purchase a car. We provide you the best possible deal on the vehicle you want to purchase without having spend hours contacting, visiting and negotiating with dealerships. All you do is let us know what you want, and a few days later it is being delivered to your home or work.

If you're still unsure, you can use our "Beat My Deal" service, which has no risk.

Save Money. Save Time. Save Stress.

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