- buying a car is terrible, but it doesn't Have to be -


Buying a car is terrible. Seriously, what’s worse? Buying a car or going to the dentist?

I have a quick question for you.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to buy a car without ever having to deal with a salesperson, a sales manager or even the dealership?

Are you tired of never knowing if you really got the best deal you could on that new car?

Are you tired of wasting days and days on the phone and emailing with salespeople and visiting dealerships?

Are you tired of all the stress and aggravation of negotiating with salespeople and their managers about the price of the car, the value of your trade-in or the interest rate on your loan?

I’m going to show you how you can have the best experience you’ve ever had buying a car.

Hi, my name is Trey and I started Calloway Auto Buying. I’ve worked in dealerships for nearly a decade. I’ve worked as a salesperson, a finance manager and a sales manager. I never really thought about starting a car buying service, but let me share with you why I did.

Here are 3 quick stories of what really pushed me over the edge.

  • First, a friend of my mine wanted to buy a new car. He knew that I worked in the car business for a while, so he gave me a call to ask me a few questions. At the end of our conversation, I told him to send me what the dealership gives him for pricing and I can review it with him. So a couple of days later, he sends it over. And I was shocked. They were barely discounting their car and the value of his trade-in was crazy low. I told him I could help, so I called a few other dealers in his area, and after a day or two was able to get his total price lowered from $25,426 all the way to $22,369. I saved him $3,057.


  • Second, an older woman came into the dealership I was working at. She had just bought a new car a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time she had bought a new car on her own in the last 40 years. This poor woman was sold a car that had more technology that the 1st space shuttle. All she wanted was the basics – power windows, power locks and the FM station that she has listened to for the last 20 years. She hated the car she was sold, so she came to our dealership to trade it in for the car she really wanted. When I looked at her buyer’s order, I had the same feeling as when I saw my friend’s numbers. Except this was worse, because she already purchased the car and there was nothing I could do now.


  • Lastly, another family that we’re friendly with told me about their recent experience buying a new car. They had researched what they wanted for about a month. They finally decided what they were going to buy and called a dealership during the week to make sure they had what they were looking for. The next time the husband and wife had off was Saturday, so that’s when they visited the dealership with their 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter. They got to the dealership around 11, and 6 hours later they finally got to drive home in their new car! 6 hours! And they already knew what the really wanted. Imagine what it would have been like if they went in without any ideas?

After hearing these stories plus all the other horror stories over the years, I finally determined enough is enough. I was going to help change these things.

I started proactively helping friends and family members as much as I could. I told them to call me before they went looking at cars. I told them to send me their buyer’s orders before signing on the dotted line, so I could go over with them.

And the results were amazing, I was helping my friends and family save a lot of money. Plus, they felt more confident because they felt like they had an “expert” in their corner.

Look, buying a car is not fun, but its not your fault.

The entire auto industry – the manufacturers, and even the websites that are supposed to help you buy a car – tells you that you have to go thru the salespeople and the dealerships. Because its setup this way, there has never really been another way to buy a car.

So that’s why I created Calloway Auto Buying.

And the results so far have been amazing. Everyone that we’ve worked with so far has been amazed with our results.

I wanted to be able to provide car buyers with a truly easy way to buy a car, but still be able to save them more money than they thought possible.

We save you money, so you can spend it on clothes or doing something actually fun, or saving it away for retirement or your kids college.

We save you time, so you can spend what little free time you have hanging out with your family or friends or doing something you actually enjoy.

We save you stress, so you have one less thing to worry about during your day. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I spend most of my day thinking about all the things I need to do and the things I didn’t get done yesterday.

So here’s the deal. We offer 2 different services for you to choose from.

The first is our “First Class Car Buying” service. We handle every aspect of your purchase. You tell us exactly what you want to buy and we –

  • Find the car you want
  • Negotiate with the dealership on the price
  • Negotiate with the dealership on your trade-in value
  • Negotaite with the dealership on your interest rate and payment (whether your buying or leasing)
  • Negotiate with the dealership on any extended warranties you might be interested in
  • And lastly, setup the pickup of your new car so you spend the least amount of time signing paperwork as possible.

The second is called “Beat My Deal.” You send us the best possible deal that you have negotiated with the dealership. From there, we beat your deal. We save you more money on the same exact car than you thought possible.

Now, imagine if we charged our customers like lawyers did? I think last year, the average “billable hourly rate was $536.” According to a few surveys, customers spent about 6 hours and 24 minutes negotiating with dealerships either at the dealership or by phone or email. If you round down (and no lawyer rounds down), our service would cost $3,216!

Or what if we charged like real estate agents did? The agents that represent the buyers typically earn about 3% of the selling price of the house. The average purchase price of a new car is $34,007. That would make our cost $1,020.

If all we did was on average save you $2,242, would it be worth $1,020?

If all we did was save you 6 hours and 24 minutes of negotiating, would it be worth $1,020?

If all we did was save the stress and aggravation of dealing with dealerships, would it be worth $1,020?

Well the good news is we don’t charge you $1,020. The cost of our “First Class Car Buying Service” is only $499, and the cost of our “Beat Your Deal” service is only 50% of what we can save you from your “best deal.”

I guarantee that if you use our services, you’ll have the best experience you’ve ever had buying a car.

If you sign up for the First Class Car Buying Service, and you’re not happy, we’ll refund your money.

If you signed up for the “Beat My Deal,” and we can’t beat your deal – good news – you don’t owe us anything and you get to know that you really did negotiate the best deal. I will tell you that this rarely happens, something like 4.5% of the time.

Imagine what is going to be like to walk into the dealership knowing that your new car is ready for you and all the negotiations are all done?

Or, imagine what is going to be to know that you save $1,000s over what you thought you could possible save?

If you want that feeling, you need to click the button below that says “Get Started.”

On the next page, you’ll fill out your contact information. Be sure to let us know the best way to communicate with you. One of the worst things about buying a car is when you fill out a form online, and 8 dealerships start blowing up your phone while you’re at work. We don’t want to be those guys, so let us know if email, phone or text is good for you. If phone is easier, let us know what day and time works best for you. Also, be sure to include your timezone. We have customers all across the country – even Alaska!

Plus, let us know a little about what you’re looking for.

Once you fill that form out, one of our advisors will reach out to get started, and then its easy!